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ARIA roles used must conform to valid values

Elements assigned invalid ARIA role values are not interpreted by assistive technology as intended by the developer.

When screen readers and other assistive technologies do not know the role of each element on the web page, they are not able to interact with it intelligently, nor are they able to communicate the role to the user. An element's features, properties, and methods of conveying information to and/or from the user can be communicated via assistive technologies when a role value is invalid.

Fixing the problem

Ensure all values assigned to role="" correspond to valid ARIA roles.

Available roles by type are:

  1. Landmark: article, banner, complementary, main, navigation, region, search, contentinfo
  2. Widget: alert, alertdialog, application, dialog, group, log, marquee, menu, menubar, menuitem, menuitemcheckbox, menuitemradio, progressbar, separator, slider, spinbutton, status, tab, tablist, tabpanel, timer, toolbar, tooltip, tree, treegrid, treeitem
  3. Pseudo HTML: button, button, checkbox, columnheader, combobox, contentinfo, form, grid, gridcell, heading, img, link, listbox, listitem, option, radio, radiogroup, row, rowgroup, rowheader, scrollbar, textbox
  4. Document: document (when creating a document region inside an other type of region)
  5. Application: application (only around a widget to enable normal keyboard shortcuts for page content)
  6. Presentation: presentation (to cancel the native role of the element)
  7. Other Semantic: math, definition, note, directory
  8. Abstract: command, composite, input, landmark, range, section, sectionhead, select, structure, widget