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Overview of accessibility tools and audits.

Complete documentation with in context examples, code examples and potential solution on how to fix the audits for screen reader compatibility and to meet WCAG guidelines.

Screen reader compatibility

WCAG Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Principle 1: Perceivable

Content and user interface components must be presented in a way that users can perceive.

Captions (Prerecorded)

WCAG Guideline 1.2: Time-based Media

All prerecorded audio content should have captions to make it accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Information and Relationships

WCAG Guideline 1.3: Adaptable

Ensure that content and functionality remain operable and accessible under various user preferences and assistive technologies.

Use of Color

WCAG Guideline 1.4: Distinguishable

Do not rely solely on color to convey information; ensure there are alternative methods for users who cannot perceive color.

WCAG Principle 2: Operable

User interface components and navigation must be operable and navigable.

WCAG Principle 3: Understandable

Information and operation of the user interface must be understandable.

Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.


Help users with disabilities by presenting content in a predictable order from Web page to Web page and by making the behavior of functional and interactive components predictable.

WCAG Principle 4: Robust

Content must be robust enough to work with current and future technologies.


WCAG Guideline 4.1: Compatible

Content should be well-formed and able to be reliably interpreted by assistive technologies and user agents.

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