ARIA meter must have an accessible name

Screen reader users are not able to discern the purpose of elements with role="meter" that do not have an accessible name.

Fixing the problem

Correct markup solutions

The aria-meter-name rule has three markup patterns that pass test criteria:

<div role="meter" id="alb" aria-labelledby="labeldiv"></div>  <div role="meter" id="combo" aria-label="Aria Name">Name</div>  <div role="meter" id="title" title="Title"></div>
  1. Ensure that each element with role="meter" has one of the following characteristics:

    • Non-empty aria-label attribute.
    • aria-labelledby pointing to element with text which is discernible to screen reader users.

Incorrect markup solutions

The aria-meter-name rule has four markup patterns that fail testing criteria:

<div role="meter" id="empty"></div>  <div role="meter" id="alempty" aria-label=""></div>  <div role="meter" id="albmissing" aria-labelledby="nonexistent"></div>  <div role="meter" id="albempty" aria-labelledby="emptydiv"></div>
<div id="emptydiv"></div>