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accesskey attribute value must be unique

With an accesskey, users can quickly focus or activate an element on your page by pressing one key, usually together with the Alt key.

The duplication of keyboard access keys can have unexpected effects on users who navigate via the keyboard.

You should generally avoid access keys unless your app is very complex (such as a desktop publishing app):

  1. Some browsers do not support access keys.
  2. It's difficult to avoid shortcut key conflicts across all operating systems and browsers.
  3. The values of some access keys may not be available on all keyboards, particularly if your app is intended for an international audience.
  4. It is possible for users to accidentally activate app functionality if they are unaware of access keys.

Why it is important

Specifying an accesskey attribute value for some part of a document allows users to quickly activate or move the focus to a specific element by pressing the specified key (usually in combination with the Alt key). Duplicating accesskey values creates unexpected effects that ultimately make the page less accessible.

For each defined accesskey,ensure the value is unique and does not conflict with any default browser and screen reader shortcut keys.

Content is not operable by keyboard users with no or low vision who cannot use devices such as mice that require eye-hand coordination, users who have trouble tracking a pointer, or users who must use alternate keyboards or input devices acting as keyboard emulators.

Fixing the problem

Evaluate the duplicate accesskey values flagged by Sitefig and make each accesskey value unique. For example, to fix the example above, you can change the value for the GitHub link:

<a href="google.com" accesskey="g">Link to Google</a>
<a href="github.com" accesskey="h">Link to GitHub</a>

For each defined accesskey,make sure the value doesn't conflict with any default browser or screen reader shortcut keys.

All accesskey attribute values in a document must be unique. Put another way, accesskeys must not be repeated to prevent unexpected effects for keyboard users.