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Page has valid source maps

Source maps are a way to map the generated, minified, or transpiled code back to the original source code.

This allows developers to debug the original source code while running the generated code in the browser, rather than trying to understand and debug the generated code directly.

Having a source map available can make debugging and troubleshooting much easier, as the developer can see the original variable and function names, as well as the overall structure of the code. Additionally, source maps can be used to improve the performance of web applications by allowing developers to minify and transpile code without losing the ability to debug it.

However, if the source maps contain sensitive information such as passwords or API keys, they could be used by an attacker to gain unauthorized access to resources. Additionally, source maps can reveal the structure and organization of the codebase, which could aid an attacker in identifying vulnerabilities. It is recommended to keep the source maps separate from the production code, and to remove them from production environments.

How the audit works?

Sitefig will flag any source map that is either missing or invalid.