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No issues in the Issues panel in Chrome DevTools

The Issues tab in Chrome DevTools reduces the notification fatigue and clutter of the Console. Use it to find solutions to problems detected by the browser, such as cookie issues and mixed content.

How the audit works

Audits a page to determine whether it generates issues in the Issues panel of Chrome Devtools.

The audit is meant to maintain parity with the Chrome Devtools Issues panel front end.

Sitefig records all issues reported by Google Chrome.

Why it is important

Issues logged to the browser console can be reviewed for severity and should not be discarded.

The issues panel reveals issues about:

  • Deprecations
  • CORS
  • CSP
  • Heavy Ad usage
  • Response issues
  • Mixed content
  • Quirks mode
  • Cookie usage

Fixing the issues

The range of issues reported by Google Chrome is extensive and needs to be reviewed case by case