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<video> element not supported by FIREFOX

The HTML5 accessibility support audits help you with identifying HTML5 features used on your site that are not properly exposed in the accessibility tree.

This includes if they are keyboard accessible, mapped to the platform accessibility APIs, and if any accessibility related features are supported. An accessibly supported feature means it is usable by people who rely on assistive technology, without developers having to supplement with ARIA or other additional workarounds.

Why is it important?

Screen readers and other assistive technology use native Accessibility APIs to function properly. If HTML5 Elements or attributes are not supported in a browser, assistive technology like a speech recognition tool or screen magnifier is unable to access content marked by the HTML5 element or attribute.

Browser Support

Element Criteria Chrome/Opera Edge Firefox Safari
video Accessibly supported yes yes partial yes
Feature implemented yes yes yes yes
Mapped yes yes yes yes
Name/Description yes yes yes yes

For a full view of the HTML5 accessibility support, have a look at the table on http://html5accessibility.com/