No trackers or beacons found

Trackers or beacons are resources loaded on your website and webpages in order to track the behavior and activity of your users. These resources usually come in the form of a javascript or an image file.

How it works

Trackers are loaded together with the webpage you are viewing and as a result send your Ip address and other data point to the 3rd party

Cookies are used together with the beacon in order to record repeat visits or activity across different websites.

Wasp records all javascript that are loaded, and even tries to extract those that listed in the soruce code.

The audit record all pages that have trackers and what the actual reference is on the page.

Are these trackers malicious or not?

Many trackers that the Wasp record are not malicious and are intentional, just like Google analytics or other marketing software.

However, when open source libraries are used, it often occurs that your webpages loads unexpected 3rd party libraries.

Many cookie-consent trackers for example, load 3rd party recourse to analyse the country of origin and geolocate the IP address of your users

Whether this is intentional, wanted or a malicious script is difficult to predict. That is way the Wasp records both loaded and referenced libraries in the code.

How to fix?

Define which trackers are required and needed. If any trackers are loaded without the knowledge of the developer or webmaster, locate the pages and the snippet and delete the referenced library.