Documentation overview

Accessibility Accessibility

Accessibility audits and checks verify if your website and webpages are in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Accessibility documentation

Code Code

Code checks catch coding errors and providess potential improvements that can improve the UX of your pages and speed up the loading time.

Code documentation

Content Content

A content audit is an accounting and analysis of content available on your website. The documentation explains the different content audits available.

Content documentation

Performance Performance

Performance audits record th Web Core vitals and provide an overview of how fast your webpages are.

Performance documentation

Privacy and GDPR Privacy and GDPR

The Privacy audits verify whether your webpages are leaking PII, tracking your users or potential breach any privacy rules.

Privacy and GDPR documentation


Technical SEO audits verify whether your webpages are accessible to search engines and can be found and parsed by crawlers, in order to rank higher in search engine SERPS

SEO documentation